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Continuing the recent trend in Marathi cinema, ‘Mangalashtak: Once More’ has its own take on Love after Marriage. Though the title makes film very predictable, we were not hesitant to enter the theatre only because of the lead pair which has not failed on screen, Swapnil-Mukta!

Married life of a young couple with no kids, college sweethearts Satya(Swapnil) and Aarati(Mukta), is now very much routine and romance is on the verge of dying. Thanks to Satya’s stressful professional life and doting nature of Aarati. This also being a reason for not having a child yet, they consult with the doctor. The doctor also has the same solution, try to ‘stay happy’!

With all the stress accumulated because of demanding job and doting wife, Satya just explodes like a bomb and asks Aarati to leave the house. What happens next in the story is better be watched on screen. The proceedings get interesting with different characters having a particular and specific role to play. Characters like Satya’s boss (Sai Tamhankar), his friend (Hemant Dhome) and Aarati’s sister (Kadambari Kadam) add the required dose of fun and philosophy.

Highlight of the film is obviously the electrifying chemistry between Swapnil and Mukta. The movie is for a mature audience and has mature characters behaving rationally and irrationally. The best part is audience feel for the characters which is very rare to find in the cinema these days.

Another great part of the film that we really appreciated is the songs. Very simply composed and some very nice poetry. We loved it because of use of proper and mature Marathi words in the poetry and not the regular Hinglish slangs which have become quite common these days in Marathi cinema.
All the lead and supporting actors do a very fine job, especially Mukta Barve and Sai Tamhankar stealing the show. The maturity that Kadambari Kadam displays is a pleasant surprise.
All other technical aspects are good. Nothing to complain about. Direction, editing, background score, etc are all perfect. The script could have been a bit more crisp, especially towards the finale. The climax that is quite anticipated takes time to culminate and one may get bored.

The director (Sameer Joshi) has handled this very serious story with brilliance by touching upon every aspect of modern life post-marriage romance and modern day work-life. The proceedings do not get boring since the dialogues are so from our day to day life and witty at times also!

Extra dose of brand endorsements and too many scenes in similar fine dine restaurants is a bit irritating after a point.

Overall it’s a decent film made with genuine intentions. A must watch for those recently married, about to marry or even married for a long time! It throws light on relationships challenged by modern day work and so called ‘Professionalism’.

We go with 3.5 shors for this one!
Go for it!

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