Manipur Black Stone Pottery at Cocomai

Attributes: Kitchen and Dining

Go earthy and back to basics when it comes to cooking! We discoveredthe traditional craft of Manipur Black Stone Pottery, stocked only at the home decor storeCocomai in Kalyani Nagar.

The material used in this form of pottery is made from a mixture of black serpentine stone and weathered rock. Unlike most pottery this craft does not resort to the potter’s wheel. All shaping is done by hand and with the help of moulds. There is no use of chemicals, machines or a wheel in the making of this product and hence it is extremely hygienic.

You can cook just about anything in these vessels, whether it is astew or a traditional curry or biryani, oreven a perfectly cooked tender chicken or mutton gravy. The use of the black stone helps in retaining the heat within the vessel resulting in reduced cooking time and allowing food to remain hot for longer.

The store not only stocks Black Stone cooking pots and woks but also trays, bowls, mugs, teapots and pebble lamps made from the same material.

An absolute must for cooking and eco-friendly enthusiasts!

Address: Cocomai,

Corniche Corner,

North Avenue Road,

Kalyani Nagar, Pune 14.

(Thursday Closed).

Contact: 020 2665 2693


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