Matt & Rustic series from Bombay Tiles

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Modern bathrooms are all about minimalism. Gone are the days of glossy tiles. Introducing a dynamic new collection that takes inspiration from vintage and rustic looks. Giving a glamorous modern dimensions to richly designed tiles, is Bombay Tiles Matte & Rustic series.

The new series is a testament to how just a couple of carefully chosen pieces can transform an otherwise ordinary scheme into a modern masterpiece. Think pastels play it safe? Create a smorgasbord of pretty pastel shades to create an eclectic look. From truly feminine styles that create serene and pretty oasis to creating an idyllic bath. There’s a wide range of colour palettes to choose from, DON’T limit yourself to one shade.

Pay attention to detail with little tilling details that can make any space look classy and elegant. Loud geometric patterns in various colours give a slightly over the top feeling. Grey and beige being the new trends, find a wide range of designs to choose from.

Walk into the store today and find designs to flaunt your modern bathrooms!

Have a look at the 360o panaromic view here :,73.868892&cid=1297844418919883161&panoid=gUvbFj7300QAAAQIt7bmKA&cbp=13,75.51770710962266,,0,0&q=bombay+tiles+pune&sa=X&ei=59gBU5v1M8uFrAfk9ICgAQ&ved=0CI0BEKAfMAs

Address: 289/8, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Near Hotel 7 loves, Opposite HDFC bank, Pune – 42

Contact: 020-26455492

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