Mi...Ghaalib! Ghaalib in 21st Century!

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“puchhate hain woh ki ‘Ghalib’ kaun hai
koi batlaao ke hum batlaaen kyaa..”

Mi...Ghaalib! This drama which is being staged on 3rd April 2014 Wednesday will showcase legendary Shayar Ghaalib living in 21st Century. He talks like us, behaves like us, He even gives bad words like us! This Ghaalib faces the similar dilemmas and problems in life like us!

This play written by Om Bhutkar and directed by Alok Rajwade is very unique in its concept and almost 70% of the language used is Urdu (almost Hindi) and the remaining part is Marathi. So it is a very good opportunity for Non-Marathi audience who always complain that they don’t get to watch good Hindi theatre.

Mi...Ghaalib gives an insight into Ghaalib’s life and tries to draw parallels with current problems faced by a normal individual. All this but in a very settle manner where you won’t be bombarded with complex dialogues or difficult to understand dramatics.

A projector on screen will help you understand difficult Urdu Shayari used in the play making your task simple so that you can enjoy the play to the core.

Mi...Ghaalib – 09:30pm Thursday, 3rd April – Bharat Natya Mandir, Pune.

For tickets, Contact 9637920962, 9881137986

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