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Did we really know that the people working in mines had their cuisine separately sorted? Well, we didn’t! And all thanks to chef Saby that Pune now has the chance to explore those earthy yet exotic flavors at the newly launched Mineority Cafe & Bar at Kalyani Nagar. Remember we showed you the theme of their decor last week?

Combining the quirky decor with the mining theme for its food, the folks at Mineority have hit a very unique yet desirable niche when it comes to food that has never ever been explored by restaurants. The menu has two neat parts, clearly divided as National & International food. National one focussing on the dishes coming from Mining states of India and the international one comprises of dishes developed by mining communities from all over the world. During the recent visit, we tried the National dishes from the menu and here’e what we felt about it.

We started off with Kalimpong Chilli cheese rolls (chef’s recommendation). We haven’t yet come accross a cheese roll like this ever. Kalimpong cheese that is very peculiar to these Indian states and it is an extremely pungent and aged cheese. The chef mixes it with processed cheese to mellow it down, some chilli and all is rolled into a maida sheet.FRY! Due to the cheese, the roll bulges up and get a very appetizing shape! Go for its unique taste that comes from the very unheard Indian cheese. Strictly for pungent cheese lovers.

Next we chose was Dehati Fish n Chips. Again their own take on the traditional Fish Chips but this one comes crisp fried mainly cos of the colocasia leaves wrapped around it. Crisp outside and flaky fish inside, this one’s a sureshot hit when it comes to pairing it with drinks. The fish used is not your usual taste-less Basa, but it is Betki fish. Betki fish and Colocasia leaves gives it comlete desi flavors. Accompanied by potato wedges, mustard and tamarind chutney, this actually sort of fills you up. One caution, their portions are quite filling. Keep in mind while ordering.

Another dish that goes brilliantly with the drinks is Diggers Pakoras! As quirky as it sounds, the presentation is also equally interesting. The long bhajias that come in a plate are made of Yam, Sweet potato and other veggies that grow beneath the earth. As a policy, the chefs at Mineority do not serve Ketchup, but Indian chutneys that bring much more flavor than Ketchup!

The next dish is something that meat lovers  should go and throng this place for. The name is Piggy In A Soft Blanket. Happy to read? We really wouldn’t want to disclose a lot about this dish, But let us tell you that you haven’t really seen, heard or tasted a dish like this before. And that this was the star dish of the tasting session! Go go go for it!

Another very different looking dish would be Black Chicken Skewers. We bet you haven’t seen chicken skewers black in color yet. Do not let yourself be demotivated by the color. Just tear a morsel the roti that comes along and take a bite with the chicken, you’ll love it for its amazing flavors. You may feel free to thank us later.

Last dish was purely for vegetarians and with a quirky name, Laloo Aloo Puri. Deep fried and in a traditional Karanji shape, this has Ghugni and aloo stuffing   and comes along with an Indian take on Salsa sauce.

With flavors that have hardly been explored before, a decor that makes you happy and chefs who are willing to offer something unique in every dish, Mineority cafe & bar makes it as a destination culinary place on the maps of Pune.

Address: Level 1/2, Fortaleza Complex, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

Contact:  099223 94441

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