Nature Unveiled in Papyrus by Vaidehi Thakkar

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She is the only designer in the country to come up with ‘papyrus’ out of Avant-garde materials like sliced vegetables and fruits. Her brand, ‘Spaces, Things etcetera’, has handmade as the mantra and nature as the inspiration. Interior architect Vaidehi Thakkar’s Papyrus collection explores nature’s genius in architecture. The fine detailing and streamlined structural simplicity with which nature holds all the vitals together, intrigued her and we found the results awe-inspiring.

The sheets that caught our fancy include strawberry, orange, pineapple, zucchini and bitter gourd. They have changed our perspective to look at these. It’s unbelievable that even these can make for an artist’s canvas!

Nature’s delicate creations come mystically alive in these weightless translucent sheets. The play of veins and seeds, against the light, beats even the best of Photoshop! The slices are precisely arranged in such a way that the skins form a rhythmic tessellation – her way of paying homage to the balance in nature. These are passed through a hydraulic press and treated with antifungal chemicals to avoid any chances of rot. The untreated samples we saw were still brimming with hues and nectarine fragrance. A jute string holds a piece of this paper, along with a bead to make a unique bookmark. We can already imagine it sitting in a Martha Stewart book!

A fibre-enthusiast, Vaidehi explored various workshops at Haystack School of Crafts where she received hands on experience of crafts from around the world. It was the summer of 2008 and 2009 that evoked the artistry. After a trail of experiments and struggles, her prototypes and efforts were finally fruitful and fruit-‘full’!

This is just a glimpse of her mind space and eccentricity. Stay tuned for more.

You can buy her creations online from her shop on The bookmarks are priced between Rs 200 – 300.

Contact: +91 94 22 029621

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