Nothing But THE Best – Lamb Saluna at Shamiana Palace

Cuisines: Asian

Filters: Non Veg, Dine-in

The Arabic dish, Saluna, was on our wishlist for the longest time and we’ve hunted the best bet! A special chef has been hired only to prepare the Lamb Saluna at Shamiana Palace and boy-o-boy he makes it effing yum! It is served only on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and we must say we just got lucky.

Tender lamb chunks floating in creamy tomato and onion gravy obviously makes a palatable mishmash but te magic touch lies in the potato fries. Nope they’re not served as sides but drowned in the gravy itself. The capsicum rings bring in a lil crunch. Simmered in a stockpot, the spices blend in with the meat flawlessly, end result being a dish that’ll linger in our minds for the longest time!

Smack up this one at:

Shamiana Palace, Near Irani Imambara, Sysnagogue Street Camp

Contact: +91 7083786468 / 9503519815 

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