Old McDonald had a Farm... E-I-E-I-O !

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Doesn’t the BIG shoe remind you of EVA and WALL E?! Imagine an animated looking big toad gazing at you when you walk into your balcony! All you garden enthusiasts are simply gonna adore these pretty terra cotta planters exclusively available at Narayani Creatives. Just when we couldn’t help raving about their vintage ceramic planter range in our previous feature, our eyes were caught up with this cutesy sanctuary of terracotta animals. Why rely on boring vases when you can have your fetish for green rooted in playful shapes like piggys, snails and elephants.

Apart from the characterization, the story truly lies in the fact that terracotta has always been seen as an obsolete medium limited to roadside vendors. Kudos to the fact that some one is finally trying to give an age-old clay handcraft, a contemporary look to suit modern taste and that too with added utility. These are handpicked and custom ordered from Rajasthan and pain stakingly brought in here in the store in raw form. Then the inhouse artist brings them to life. Fabric colors are used for the final touch ups and are waterproof. We loved the innocent ‘polka dotted’ detail too…

These planters are ideal to hold lil indoor shrubs and can be stacked in windows, balconies and corridors. The storeowner, Mr. Deshpande (Old McDonald here) being a nature lover himself, is open to any nursery related inquiries too. We suggest you plant some herbs – basil, cilantro, mint - and let them sit in one of these – your perfect organic corner in the kitchen.

Price ranges upto Rs. 500.

Amuse your space with these accessories available only at

Narayani Creatives, ABC Plaza, Ground Floor, Shop No. 2, Plot No. 6, Sector-25, Pradhikaran, Nigdi

Contact: +91 9822790568/ 9850823864

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