Orgasmic and Experimental Food at Delicia

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You will have hundred other reasons for not travelling to Phursungi but we have one strong reason to tell you to travel to Phursungi at least once! And that reason is Orgasmic food dishes served at Delicia and made by their experimental chefs!

Literally surprised when we found this really nice restaurant with a chilled out atmosphere (considering the slums nearby) and were surprised with the quality of food that was served to us!

Go through the pictures to have a look at what we had and how amazing the food was;

Delicia Chef’s Special Pizza: Freshly rolled dough, fresh tomato sauce and ample cheese along with toppings like mushrooms, zucchini, olives, etc make this one damn delicious! (Rs. 200/-)

EUS: This is chef’s signature dish which actually is a tri-colour Ravioli stuffed with Ratatouille and cooked in cheesy white sauce. YOU DARE NOT MISS THIS! (Rs.475/-)

Stuffed Chicken: Again a chef special and takes some time to come on table. But take a look at the dish, it is chicken breast roasted and stuffed with spinach, ricotta cheese and grated paneer! It will leave you hogging for more especially with the sauce dripping on it and mashed potatoes! (Rs. 280/-).

Cheese Garlic Bread: Even after a so much of gorgeous and tasty food, we were hungry and so decided to go for simple staple dish. Cheese garlic bread also didn't fail to impress us!

Address: Delicia, opp. SP Infocity, Saswad road, Phursungi.

Contact: 020 2698 2626

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