Out of box and out of bottle - upcycled knick knacks at Levart

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Ever imagined a platter out of a glass bottle? Or a napkin holder?No! We're yet to get drunk. And when we do, we might just save the bottle. Because after visiting the eccentric  collection of upcycled products available only at Levart, we can never see bottles as bottles again. Brace yourself because there are a lot of 'twists' ahead.

Twist#1: every single product at this store is handpicked by Bhavya and Payal while on their exploring the faraway lands. They are such severe cases of wanderlust and so driven by their passion of art and craft that they chose to name the store 'levart' (pronounced as love-art) but here's the twist: levart is travel spelled backwards! Who would have thought of that?! The store is a pop pourri of all things pretty each of which is a tell tale about its native land. For instance, the Iranian meenakari, Rajasthani blue pottery and the likes.

Twist#2: These bottles have been have been moulded not only to make lamps, but also two dimensional platters, napkinn holders, trays and what not. We must say this is not only out-of-the-box but out-of-the-bottle too!

Twist#3: Just when our jaws fell on the floor with the upcycled bottle collection, it was further buried with the upcycled kitchen ware. The things we see as kadai, chamach, nuts, bolts and gears... You'll see all these as an OWL!

Address: 2nd floor, Gulshan building, 273/1B, Baner Road, Varsha Park
Contact: +91 9850888821

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