Paw Prints for Your Heart: Peppy Paws

When you’re all sucked up in the hustle and bustle of your flooding inboxes, when you wish you could glue your feet to that clutch and brake and hands to that business phone… all you need to de-stress, is your furry little friend wagging his/her tail who eagerly waits for you to return home! No exchange of words! And yet your heart is filled with peace!

A little bit of trivia inspired us to come up with this post… did you know our city has the second largest pet ownership? 40000 dogs and its increasing by the year. We all heart our dogs!

Understanding is the most important dimension of love… in the case of dogs sometimes people tend to substitute it with affection. No matter how humanly our canines reciprocate love, they are pack animals and have tendencies of their own.

Overdose of philosophy? Can’t help it because we’re overwhelmed after meeting Priya and Roshan. Their brainchild ‘Peppy Paws’ is not a commercialized kennel but a 4000sq ft devoted to dog nurturing.

Owners who’re striving to decode peculiar troubles given by their dogs come to see him. He, in his saintly demeanor, along with his 15 dogs make the right pack for your dog to naturally rehabilitate. 15 is right… But when we arrived we were zapped as there was only sniffing and excitement and no barking. You too would be able to sense the discipline is in the air.

If you fantasize that perfect dog with that cutest name but all the internet gyaan and books have failed you, we recommend a counseling session with Roshan. He addresses all the queries of first time pet owners keeping in mind their household set up and their lifestyle. Right from breed selection, disciplining to maintenance, he’ll guide you through, based on the dog’s energy levels. But all rules and training ain’t for them, 50% training is essentially imparted to the owners. ‘It’s a lifelong commitment’ says Priya assertively who is gleaming with bright ideas like an old age shelter for them mighty spirited dogs.

We have given you the idea. We have given you the address. So one day when you’re back home after a crazy day’s work and your dog welcomes you with all the selflessness, that day you can thank us.

Address: Opposite Orbis School, Keshav Nagar, Mundhwa

Contact: +91 8850989128 / 8805989129


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