Perk up Your Abode with the Trendy Lamps of Artistic Lights

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Lights, as we all know an integral part of the décor or ambiance. But lights aren’t such a non-complex affair any more. It talks about your taste and has to also complement the space they have been installed at. It needs to gel harmoniously with the curtains, wallpaper etc.  And to find the right fit is really difficult.

Artistic Lights have the solution for this, they give you customized light, lamp shades of stone, metal, glass, fabric etc. etc. A contemporary/ethnic light Boutique on Mg Road has been spreading light in people's home since some months now.
Their wide variety of lights with customized shape, size, skin material, inner light fitting etc, keep you wanting for a bigger apartment to fit as many lights you see. 

The owner Mr. Pratik Agarwal and his wife Komal are genial when it comes to showing you around their two floored store or enlightening the laymen all about light. Their personal choosy and meticulous selection of lights or shades paired with the finesse of their final product definitely does justice to the name. 

Pratik fondly tells us about the numerous customers who have come to him with a sample of their wallpaper or wall color to match it with a similar stone or other finish floor lamp. Komal, on the other hand, handles a lot of ladies who come along with their curtain sample or any other cloth they own to convert into a bedside reading lamp or a ceiling suspended show piece. Imagine your mom’s old saree or your extra bandhani cloth put to use. 

A uniquely creative product line we noticed are their stone finishes. You can customize your bar counter, wash basin top et al with a self-illuminating stone top and that too tailor made with your choice of size and selection. Or if your balcony needs a sitting arrangement they do offer some beautiful customized self-illuminated stone stools too.  

If you are on a quirky hunt or are a fan of flee markets then you would love to give Artistic Light a casual visit - make sure you do that!


Author Credit: Murtaza Polen

Picture Credit: Zahid Moledina

Tags: artistic lights, lamps

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