Perk up Your Walls With These Quirky Wall Hangings

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 If there is a store to help you express your personality through its interior range- it is D'panache at Westend Mall in Aundh. Say bye to boring home décor as D'panche's products are nothing but fabulously mind-blowing! From unique table tops, wall hangings, mirrors, lamps, frames to candle stand, they have an array of a beautiful collection under one roof. Call: 9545451270

They have a limited and exclusive collection of wall-hangings that is not just contemporary but speaks volumes in uniqueness & folkloric aesthetics. These wall-hangings will uplift any dull space in your room and become a conservation starter.   Empty walls are boring. They lack character and they’re not nearly as exciting as those decorated with the amazing collection from D'panache.  Also, its time we move to the contemporary decor than the usual decor. Revamp any boring space in your house or if you have just bought a new home and fretting about decorating it? Head to D'panache and drive away all your home decor woes. 

Give your home that long overdue makeover as this stores not only offers astounding products but alluring &  at an affordable price yet high in quality and design. Specializing in home decor and gifting solutions, that is specially designed for you, D'panache is your one-stop destination for all the furnishing hiccups. 

Address: Ground Floor, Westend Mall, Parihar Chowk, Aundh, Pune.
Contact: 9545451270
FB Link: 

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