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 “It is not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me” 
This quote by our favourite superhero Batman reminds us that, it's not just the food but the place in combination that defines our happy meal, right? 
If you are someone who enshrines food, Superheroes, mocktails and all the delightful things around; what if we tell you that we have found a sanctuary for all you people?

May it be someone blithe from Marvel or someone who is vile yet the favourite from DC or your favourite chicken put up as a pizza or a twisted drink on the go, this is the place for you should visit.

In Spite of being placed at the crowded corner of aundh road, Superheroes Cafe is the place you wouldn't regret visiting with your friends. With the simple yet funky ambience decorated with posters and quotes by your favourite superheroes, the place has worked quite enough on the details in their menu too.

Their Hulk smash pizza is a piquant dish for the chicken cravers. It is made with a crispy fried chicken base and is topped with exotic veggies, grilled chicken and omelette. What else does one need?

Not just that but their Ranx mix pesto veg open sandwich is another go-to bite if you want something light yet filling in Veg for your tummy. It is made with veggies in pesto sauce, cheese & exotic herbs that keeps the sandwich creamy and 'healthy’ (healthy as it has the veggies, right?)

They serve the dishes in customised casings, making it an interesting task of guessing what the food item is before actually brooding over it.

Their Flying cooler iron fuel is a mocktail for the people who have an inclination to sweetness as it is made with a blend of orange juice, cranberry juice and vanilla syrup. If you want to try something outside the box, they have a God of thunder Thor mocktail that is mixed with guava juice, lemon juice and Tabasco. Both of them come with a iron man mask and a Thor hammer shaped fruit chop, respectively. Giving it a touch of an oh-my-god moment.

Atweel, visit this place as it is not just about the name as they have rightly tried to work on the details here and there, right from the ambience to the menu making it a satisfactory experience just for you!

Location : Opposite DMart, DP road, Aundh, Pune
Contact- 8390940101


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