Puna Nu Best Dhokala Ane Kutchi Dabeli

Cuisines: Fast Food

Attributes: Street Food

We were ashamed that even we didn’t know about this wonderful small place which has been selling the best and the most authentic Gujarati Dhokala and Kutchi Dabeli since almost 20 odd years!
CityShor brings to you this small but bright gem hidden in the small lanes of M G Road.

This guy from Kutch, starts selling piping hot Dhokalas as well as Kutchi Dabeli from 5pm. A plate full of Dhokala topped with tamarind chutney, dhaniya and coconut and shev! This Dhokala just melts in the mouth right away when you put it in mouth. The flavours of chutney and and toppings add the very right tinge to this plate!

Well, this is the only place in Pune that sells very authentic Kutchi Dabeli. The owner himself being from Kutch, the flavours of Dabeli are just right. Unlike all other joints in Pune, he does not roast Dabeli in butter. It helps to retain the flavours of generous stuffing of potato masala, chutneys and spiced peanuts! This is by far the best Dabeli we ever had in Pune.

Guys go here and grab your share of these Gujarati delicacies before it gets over by 8pm.

Where to find? M G Road, The lane opposite to Toons Bar & Café, You’ll find this place on your right side in this lane.

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