Quilt Culture – Where Art Meets Tradition Meets a Social Cause

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Give your old sarees to Quilt Culture and get a customised quilt of your choice made, depending on your colour and size preference. To do so contact 08956653130 or drop a mail on quilculture@outlook.com Wondering how it’s any different and where’s the social cause we mentioned? Well, this Pune-based initiative is all about retaining the traditional art of quilt making while being the perfect platform of financial independence for lesser privileged women. Yes, the initiative brings together art, tradition and a social cause. Read on to know about how it’s not just a ‘godhadi’ but so much more…

There’s something extremely comforting and secure about falling asleep in that traditional quilt made from old sarees. It’s like being completely embraced by tradition…Well, in this age of consumer culture wouldn’t you too like to preserve those memories and that emotional connect? That’s exactly what Quilt Culture does. The initiative came into existence to retain this disappearing tradition and the tradition skill of quilt making. You can either browse through their brochure to select products or get them customised depending on your design, colour, size and fabric preferences. Every product is genuinely designed, traditionally made and well crafted. Sarees like Irkal, Jijamata, Narayanpethi are used to lay emphasis on Maharashtrian quilt aesthetics. Fillers are made of Nagpur cotton and only finishing touches are given using a sewing machine.

Each quilt that is made under this initiative goes a long way in helping lesser privileged women. City based duo Rucha Kulkarni and Archana Jagtap are helping around 30 women from Kondhwa Budruk village to make designer quilts and are marketing those quilts to urban consumers. Not only is this a great way to preserve the dying art but it is also helpful in enabling these women to become financially independent. Why buy common consumer products when you could get something customised and help boost women empowerment at the same time?

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