Real Saagwan Antique Furniture by Royal Furniture

Attributes: Furniture, Cupboard, Sofa & Stool, Tables, Others

In this era of ply-wood, you crave for that real wood furniture in your house. CityShor discovered this very small place on Sangamwadi bridge where you not only will get real saagwan furniture but also some unique and antique furniture pieces!
You got to keep in touch with Mr. Kamal Khan if you are looking for some antique furniture. He hunts for the old Victorian, Peshwa, Mughal, Portuguese, etc style furniture and the moment he gets it ready for selling, it is gone!

We bet you will not find these designs anywhere else in Pune since these are more than 100 year old furniture pieces. Well, he also deals into exact replicas of the old designs with the same wood, but he won’t disguise you for sure. If a certain piece of furniture is not antique, he will specify it.

Right from that Press Old Cupboard to a unique Victorian Mirror, this guy has a brilliant variety at his small tin shade. Even if you are not a fan of old things, we suggest you give this place a visit and we are sure you will fall for the gorgeous designs!

Address: Royal Furniture, S No. 45, Sangamwadi, Next to No.3 Bus Depot, Khadki, Pune.

Contact: Mr. Kamal Bhai Khan 7387724132

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