Sailing On Her Paperboat: Shruti Suttatti

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Sailing On Her Paperboat: Shruti Suttatti

Patience is a virtue. True that! But patience is also a tool. View that; with Shruti Suttatti’s papercut compositions. As she sat in her fine arts class and looked around, Shruti realized the usual canvas-brush-paint approach was too narrow to contain her art appetite. It was that day when she decided to ‘draw’ but in papercut. A snip snip here, a snip snip there… and by the end of her graduation, she put up an insane 100 FEET PAPERCUT INSTALLATION! You too can own a piece of this hand-cut poetry to adorn your cocoon.

We’re awed by the complexity of these! She picks up subjects that spark her creativity and then chisels out the negative form intricately leaving behind a delicate objet d’ art. These are then framed in clear glass. Extremely affordable, these frames are the perfect way to add a personal touch to your space.

Talking of personal, if you have a moment close to your heart, you can get in touch with Shruti and have it handcut and preserved in a frame. These would also serve as a beautiful alternative for cards and gifts… wordless but sufficient to give out your message.

You can also browse through other cutesy assemblage of paper mood lights, which are a byproduct of her endless charm and passion for paper craft.

To buy a piece or order a special design, get in touch here…

+91 8087805442

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