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Summers aren’t that crib worthy if you know how to chill well, and we at City Shor tell you exactly how. So if one shower hasn’t got you any relief, then my friend you gotta read on.

KokoScoop is like a heaven for coconut lovers and summer haters. They give you cool coconut water in the base and tender coconut ice cream topped with velvet soft coconut chunks, fruit bubbles and fruit jelly.

The setup is small, cute and adequate but the taste was very refined and satisfying. An Apt example of big things often have humble beginnings.

Dnyanada Bhide the zealous owner was as sweet as her wares. She sweetly takes us through their whole process and how she came up with this idea.

In the words of Thomas Edison “Ideas without execution are hallucinations” KokoScoop definitely wins here. Each and every component of this complex machine is meticulously sourced or custom made. As we said a refined well finished product.

The Coconuts are sourced from select vendors across India, they are cleaned or dehusked at their central kitchen in Wadgaon Sheri, it is then used for fresh coconut water, the ice cream and the chunky toppings.

The Jellys and Fruit Bubbles are called for from southern India. The 6 flavors of jelly are a treat right from the first bite. The marble like fruit bubble actually have such a punch that it reminds you of those fresh toothpaste commercials on TV.

A usual with such places is the overdose of sweetness and a random throw-in of ingredients. You might notice here that these babies are arranged like a florist making a bouquet. The taste also is well layered and harmoniously blends along.

What we really appreciated was that in spite of the coconut over load it wasn’t chewy at all, or neither did the jelly make it extra sweet. This might be the reason they already have a lot of senior citizen and kids crowding the kiosk.

And in spite of all these things that we rave about, Koko Scoop is priced at just Rs. 40!

So what reason could you have for not visiting them?

Address: Shop no 56 Destination Center, at Mithai Magic, Magarpatta, Hadapsar.

Contact: 8446692020 / 7709869300

Author and Picture Credit: Murtaza Polen




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