Shreemant Sarva Shreshtha : Riddhi Siddhi Ganesha only at Théophile

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It can’t get BIGGER! It can’t get BETTER! When we heard the price, our jaws dropped and we wanted to see it for ourselves! And when we did... we understood the value. Ganpati in this posture is a beacon of utter wisdom with a halo inscribed with Riddhi Siddhi. This IS a royal ode like no other as this purely crafted in 925 sterling silver! And this Murat from Episode can only and only be found at Théophile. We’re speechless but we’re still try and elaborate...

This reverend form of his is actually based out on kinda anecdote. No girl was willing to marry him as he bore an elephant head. While all other gods had a consort except him, this angered Ganesha. He summoned his rats to create holes in the path of wedding processions of other Devas disrupting and creating troubles in their marriages. It was when the Devas seeked Brahma’s help, that Brahms created two beautiful women named Riddhi (wealth and prosperity) and Siddhi (intellectual and spiritual powers). Brahma gave them away in marriage to Ganesha. Henceforth, whosoever pleases Ganesha also receives the blessings of Riddhi and Siddhi.

The life like (literally) glistening (literally again) Chaturbhuj figure is completely gilded in sterling silver. The halo reads Riddhi and Siddhi and their significance in a beautiful devnaagri script. The right side denotes Riddhi (Wealth) symbolised by the kalash at his feet full of modaks. The left side denotes Siddhi (knowledge) by the books at his feet. And together they form a picture of opulence, finesse and purity.

Make your abode, a sanctum of your beloved god and keep him for a lifetime... we’ll say it again it can’t get BIGGER! It can’t get BETTER!

Address: Row House No 1, Goldfields Enclave Co-op Society, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra 411001.

Contact: 020 6050 2444

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