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Bright and cheery, warmth and hope – don’t these stances absolutely define Christmas? These very words are perfect to define the special assorted collection by Resonance Candles as well. Decorative candles, vintage jars and ethereal votive await you in a wide range of fragrances. But the reason it made to our Christmas special wishlist is that these are handcrafted with 100% natural wax and nature derivative oils. The 100% non-toxic ingredients assure you get no petrochemical emission on lighting and only invigorating sensory experiences! Be it the embellished holders, prints, carved spherical ornaments, tall pillars and the trendy hurricane style candles – there is something to grace and compliment all nooks and corners of your Christmassy décor.

The pearlescent palm wax is infused with natural therapeutic aroma oils. You can take a pick from tropic citric lemongrass, calming lavender, bloomy jasmines, the ever-favorite vanilla and many more. Hang on! It gets even better…these candles can last from 25-40 hours! Thus are perfect mood creating solutions from AM to PM. The guardian angel wings and the feet long pillar candle with golden bands, when placed beside the decorated Christmas tree will make it simply picture-perfect. The fragrance and the hope-imbibing glow together create a healing effect making them an ideal gifting option.

This Christmas let love and light resonate in your lives and in that of your loved ones. For enquiries, bulk or corporate orders get in touch here…

Contact: +91 9920036044


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