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Eating makes us happy. And when it’s eating yummy new cuisine at an innovative new place, we are simply overjoyed. Mahlzeit, probably the very first authentic German street food place in Pune, gave us the perfect chance to experience both.

Does the idea of some authentic Berlin Street food delight you? Well then you have the perfect reason to travel…and by that we mean head to Koregaon Park. Today.  Before we tell you about the food, here’s what you should know about this place…Mahlzeit is here to change things - change the way we perceive German food, change the way we feel about sausages and change our meal times (which is also what Mahlzeit stands for).

Simple yet impressive is what we’d call their menu. Walk in and opt for an apple or orange schorle while you ponder over the rest of your order. Burgers, Döner kebabs and sausages are your options. Sounds easy to pick from? Hardly! A look at the menu and you’ll know what we mean. Mahlzeit serves chicken and buffalo meat burgers (Meat lovers look for the beep burger on their menu). Their Döner kebabs too are available in the chicken and veg varieties. And now for the crowning jewel of their menu, the wurst (sausages)! Bratwurst, Currywurst, Vegwurst and Coilwurst are your options. Spoilt for sausage choice? We told you!

A tête-à-tête with Milan, the owner, revealed that Mahlzeit gets these sausages made by a secret German butcher and very, very finely minced pork is used to make them taste as authentic as can be. Talk about going that extra mile! Germans and their love for potatoes is no secret. As a side dish you can opt for either the fried or mashed potatoes with fried onions.

We’re sure you’ve worked up quite an appetite and all you need now are the contact details. Here you go…

Address: Lane 6, Koregoan Park.

Timings: 5:30 PM to 10-30 PM (Thursday Off)

Contact: 702 801 2041

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