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Originally from Kolkata’s ChinaTown, The Indian rendition of Chinese food or Desi Chinese as commonly referred too, has been famous across the subcontinent and since n no of years.

Every town will have atleast one red dragon decorated joint serving to the town’s fiery flavorsome needs. The thing that worries us most is the oil, color and hygiene. Is there an in-between the roadsides and the fancy named bland authentic Chinese chains ? Does one place combine the quality and the spiritedly zesty tastes ?

On our quests for these particular amalgamations, again in the bylanes of camp. We present you Dilkush Chinese Fast Food.

A particularly Indian name avoiding the set trend of random Chinese objects used to name restaurants. Dilkhush Chinese is honest and to the point.

The owner Aviraj Deokar calmly tells us about how his father set up this venture from their then home 30 years back. Since 30 years they serve tasty and clean food at remarkably affordable prices. Period.

You can rarely go wrong with such focus and commitment.

Easily accessible in the olden world camp this joint is surrounded by some quite famous eateries like Cafe Yazdan and Dorabjees and Sons. The Ambience might not be a 5 star winner but we had no complains. Still holding on to the olden arched windows, huge mirrors and vintage curtains the place still gives you a 70s feel.

What really got our attention and taste buds was the Chicken Leg Fry. Not a typical on the menu Chinese dish but it did pack a shaolin punch. Not being successful in deciphering the exact procedure or the product what we were sure from the start was a repeat order. Boiled, roasted and then fried or the other way around this savory did taste and feel like bliss. Soft and tender meat, amazingly balanced spices and just the right amount of frying. This Krispy outside and soft inside treat was so self sufficient that we almost forgot about the schezwan chutney accompanying it.

Chicken Fried Rice - And this dude too gets a Desi Twist. Definitely not your regular fried rice. Even if the name suggests fried, this dish pleasantly had very less almost negligible oil. Getting a one up, the Chicken in the rice was totally different. Instead of the bland boiled shredded chicken pieces what we get is aptly spiced marinated and methodically cut pieces of chicken. Yes, it’s almost like a Manchurian but less oil and no gravy. Probably these are the small but important things which help you through the last mile.

The soups are worth mentioning too, quite a good flavor and spice, Enough Chicken pieces in a thick broth.

The schezwan or commonly known as triple rice is quite a favorite among patrons and take aways. The taste and quantity impressed us quite a bit too. But again from now on consider us customers and that too regular ones.

So if you around in camp shopping on MG Road or craving some goodness then here's where you should be going without a second thought!

Author Credit: Murtaza Polen

Picture Credit: Zahid Moledina



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