STUDIO CHITRAGANDHA - Stunning Stained Glass Creations Galore

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STUDIO CHITRAGANDHA – Stunning Stained Glass Creations Galore

For the first time in Pune Chitragandha, a ceramics studio, offers the most gorgeous range of tiffany stained glass sun catchers, panels and skylights we’ve ever seen in the city. A very rare art, we were thrilled to find tiffany stained glass creations that can be customised right in the heart of the city, Kothrud. Here’s more about our superb discovery…

M/s Chitragandha, a ceramics studio, was started way back in 1978 by Mr. Anand Kale’s mother. Recently he launched Studio Chitragandha, an exclusive stained glass & mosaic studio, as an offshoot of the former. Stained glass is a very ancient yet popular art form in the Western countries. Unfortunately, it never gained much popularity in India due to the unavailability of materials and the fact that very few Indian artists work with this medium. Lucky for us, people can now customise and own products of this rare art form right here in Pune (or for that matter anywhere in India) owing to this exquisite studio. Each product is handcrafted by Mr. Kale and is totally customisable. With about 200 different shades and textures available in these imported glasses, your imagination is the limit when it comes to colours and patterns! The price range typically depends on the size and complexity of the pattern. However, the sun catchers usually start at about Rs. 500 a piece onwards…

This discovery taught us some amazing facts about the art of stained glass…Stained glass is an art form in which coloured glass is cut into shapes and placed into a mosaic to form a picture. The glass is held in place by metal strips soldered together. The glass is coloured in the manufacturing process by the addition of salts that cause it to take on particular colours. This glass is then made into sheets, from which individual pieces can be cut with glass cutting tools. The sheets can be made in a variety of textures, and the uneven or pebbly surface of some glass sheets gives the resultant picture a jewelled look when light passes through it. Truly mesmerising, isn’t it?

To get your hands on some treasure-worthy picks, here are the contact details.

Address: Varun Complex, 19/1/B, GA Kulkarni Road, Near CityPride, Kothrud

Contact: 9890908913


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