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We’re loving the love this city has for Ganpati.  And as you gear up to partake in the kaleidoscopic festivities, we’re looking for things that will magnify the verve. That’s why, the sterling silver Ganpatis at Théophile are glimmering in our spotlight. This new sprawling store in Koregaon Park is destined to win the city’s heart for it is the only place to find the beloved god done in sterling silver – a product range by Episode. What moved us most is that each is backed up with a cheery tale depicting Ganesha as the Raichaitaa, Kshipra, Mayuresh and Nyaya.

These figurines are underlined with mythological references and traditional depictions much suited to our timeless reverence. However, the idea came from the lovely Sonia that we bring out the significance pertaining to each design so that you can pick the one you relate most with.

Mayuresh Ganesh is underlined with a Puneri anecdote so we start with that first. Morgaon, situated on the banks of river Karha, in our very own Pune District, was once a playground of numerous peacocks. Hence goes the name. This village enshrines Ganapati as Mayureshwar (Moresh) or the peacock rider. The tale goes that he slew the demon Sindhu in response to pleas from the Gods.

Kshipra Ganesh is the granter of wishes. Harbinger of good well being, this form of Ganpati makes a tabletop treasure and an auspicious welcome note for your entryway.

The Nyaya-Ganesha, as the name suggests, is shown keeping tandem in law and order. The mouse helps him keep records of all the deeds of his people and deliver justice.

But what took center stage among all, was the Rachaitaa Ganesha. This form, in all its glory, will surely give you goose bumps too! It was like one of those moments, when the conch blows amongst the chanting hymns and your heart throbs as it feels the divine intervention.

Rachaitaa Ganesha recreated the universe after the burning heat of twelve suns destroyed it. As he performed the divine creation, he blew on his conch and the sound Om resonated through the universe. He summoned the three Gods – Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh and reassigned them the duties of creation, preservation and destruction respectively. In this rendering of Ganesha the designer has depicted him as a potter, creating the world on his potter’s wheel perched on the holy betel leaf. The three Gods, symbolically represented, bestow their blessings on him for this endeavor.

Other than the mythological aligned accents, you can also pick from the wide range of sterling silver thalis, diyas and other pooja paraphernalia. The whole collection has a standard fineness of 925, finished with high gloss that can set aglow any staid space.

For handling and maintaining tips, you’ll be thoroughly assisted at the store. Every nook and corner is eye popping and calls for a special mention. Whilst we work on bringing you more from their treasure trove, walk in for more of these traditional yet contemporary gilded gods. This festive season, welcome polished brilliance into your space and spread the joy by gifting one too!

 Address : Row House No 1, Goldfields Enclave Co-op Society, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra 411001.

Contact: 020 6050 2444

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