The 5 step menu for yummy in your tummy is here @WOK TALK!

Cuisines: Chinese

Filters: Non Veg, Outdoor seating

Attributes: Restaurants, Family, Lively

Foodies head to: Westend Mall, Aundh.

Why it’s awesome:

WOK TALK is hands down one of our favourite go-to food customisation outlets! We absolutely love how the entire Wok Box can be customised to suit our tastes. From the base noodles or rice to the final condiment garnish, each ingredient is exotic and catered to the palate! The five step process of choosing base, adding a protein, adding veggies, selecting sauce and topping it with garnish is just as exciting as it sounds!

Try it because:

  • Its super pocket friendly
  • Very fresh and healthy
  • Made live in front of you
  • Freedom of taste customisation
  • Wholesome meal in a box

What not to miss:

The large lists of ingredients want to make us try one of each from every list! While the veggies and sauce can be added to all, here’s what caught our fancy in the proteins!

SOYA CHUNKS WOK BOX- Customised with thai sauce, rice and chunky soya pieces, we absolutely loved relishing every morsel from this box!

CHICKEN WOK BOX- A usual blend of noodles, chicken and veggies give the most unusual tastes and experience in a box topped with a crispy burnt garlic condiment garnish!

PANEER WOK BOX- Made with triangular cottage cheese chunks, bell peppers and flat noodles, this box is the epitome of taste and wholesome health!

Showstopper here:

MUTTON WOK BOX- Imagine the best mutton you have tasted and now multiply that by 10! That’s what you need to expect at WOK TALK! Customised with rice, meat and other oriental sauces, the box is a different experience of succulent meat and delicious sauces and crispy garnish combined in one!

Savour it today!

-Where: 2nd Floor, Westend Mall, Wireless Colony, Aundh, Pune

-How: Call them on 9049320071

Contributed by: Vaidehi Raju

Tags: The 5 step menu for yummy in your tummy is here @WOK TALK!

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