The Au Naturel Soap Opera: Veganized Bespoke Soaps Only From

We want to uplift your drab Monday morning. But we’ll do it the ‘Vegan’ way! Imagine some au-naturel, cruelty free assortment of bespoke soaps delivered to your doorstep. Wondering who the pixie is? The pollution and chemical ridden water table of Pune prompted an eco-crusader Shreya Sharan to make her own cleansing bars. Today she runs the brand ‘Burst of Happyness’ dedicated to crafting soaps using only vegetable oils & butters, pure essential oils and herbs. Pamper thyself guilt free as they sans artificial/chemical ingredients and are not tested on animals either.  It can’t get purer than this.


Vegans plant goodwill. And a self-confessed vegan, Shreya takes pride in exploring the lushness of almond milk and coconut milk rather than the ones acquired from animals. Her sensitivity is profound that it trickles in her craft too. The products do not use any animal derivative, let alone chemicals and synthetic colors. ‘Unlike other "natural companies" she does not rely on pre-made soap bases, colorants like micas, pigments, oxides, synthetic fragrances or preservatives’ she points out. While she sees it as her baby step towards making a difference, we see this as a soap opera orchestrated by nature itself!


Rarely you’ll get a soap as innocent and clear (in its nature) as its gentle bubbles. Natural clays, herbs & botanicals lend the swirly marbled hues to a bar.  Heavenly pure essential oils also have therapeutic benefits which synthetic fragrances lack. If your lifestyle or time does not allow you your dream-like-Cleopatra-bath-with-milk-and-rose-petals, this is the closest you can get. Take your pick from:


Banana Chocolate Oats

Carrot Oats Kaolin

Coconut Milk Hair & Body Bar

Coffee Scrub Bar

Cucumber Aloe & Rice Flour

French Red Clay

Green Tea With Wheatgrass & Rose

Lager Lather

Mango Soap With Mango Butter

Multani Mitti

Ocean Bed

Olive Oyl

True Desi


Woe Be Gone

Working Gurl


With ingredients so exotic and names so tempting, it gets important to mention here that these are for external use only… jokes apart… we strongly suggest you get in touch with your special skin-needs and you’ll be guided for your best pick. Looking for more? You can get one customized to the ultimate skin-nurturing. Some delicacies are available for baby skin too.


But if you’re like us… want-it-all-want-it-now-kinds, you can order their soap-sampler-pack-offer. A 40gm of graciousness in 6 different flavors makes a combo and for showing this kind of love, you get one additional sample free. You can browse through different combos on their user friendly website mentioned below.


Pampering should not be indulgence. It should be a habit. And when you’re just a click away, it’s not far from becoming a ritual. Folks at ‘Burst of Happyness’ are not only known for soap crafting. They are known for recycling too. A typical bulk order reaches you in recycled cartons and wrapping materials. Kudos to the team for nurturing the skin whilst enriching the conscious. 


To place an order log on to

Feel free to call / whatsapp us at +91 - 7742 - 6111 - 81 or email at

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