The Camp - A Rustic Retreat

Ever looked at a movie scene and wished you could be one of the characters sitting in the middle of green swaying crops in a farm, or sitting at a river bank and letting the breeze stroke your hair, or getting lost in dense green forests and finding your soulmate in your savior? Well, we have good news for you! You can do all of the above and much more at The Camp (of course minus the savior rescuing you from the maze of jungles part)!

The Camp is a cozy homestay set up by a wildlife researcher in the midst of acres of agricultural land surrounded by the lush greens and the majestic Sahyadri ranges. At a distance of just 55 kilometers from Kolhapur city (288 kms from Pune), this place is the perfect getaway for all city dwellers who wish to take a break from their hectic lifestyle, and for nature lovers who wish to indulge in some really amazing time exploring the mysteries of nature. The Camp is all about the beauty of wildlife and offers an excellent opportunity to disconnect from the cacophony of the concrete jungle and savor the silence of the woods!

One of the best activities here is trekking through the infinite trails in the surrounding forests and across the hills that dot the place on all sides. The hikes to, and through, the various waterfalls during monsoons are a must do! The Camp also offers adventure activities like rock climbing, rappelling and kayaking with prior booking. The caves at Palasambe and the Ramling temple are great for cave exploring. Morjai Sada is a treat for the soul. After an adventurous hike through narrow trails, the breathtaking view from the plateau is well worth the effort. Numerous people have reported that the temple situated at the plateau gives the entire place soothing vibes and an indescribably profound experience.

The river Kumbhi flows through the same area, offering the amazing opportunity of indulging in activities like river crossing, river tubing or just plain soaking in the cool waters letting the little fish give you a free foot spa!

Situated in Gaganbawda, which is a hill station in the middle of nowhere, The Camp is a place which serves as the perfect host in all seasons. You will find ample opportunities for spotting a variety of wild animals and reptiles and a plethora of birds and insect species at the treks, night drives and walks at dawn. Campfires, playing music, singing and dancing along to the music notes, and rambunctious laughter are something most of us look forward to. Team it up with finger licking homemade food, nonstop interesting discussions about anything and everything about nature and wild life, and the warm hospitability of the hosts; and you have the perfect recipe for a memorable and relaxing trip.

Experiencing the village life in this rustic red-bricked house cannot get any better. So pack your bags and knock yourself out with this “natural” treat. We are sure you will love The Camp. We know we did!

Try it to believe it! Dial: 8806993434/9423041551

-Rutika Nainwani

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