The Purity of Tamrajal & Beauty of 'Coppre'

Attributes: Kitchen and Dining

What’s so special you may ask. Well, your grandmother has all the answers. The health benefits of drinking water from copper vessels - including anti ageing & stimulation of brain - have found a mention in the Vedas. Though this culture prevailed even before some of us were born, we like the fact that there still exist people that gently nudge us back to basics. Presenting ‘COPPRE’ – a team of closely-knit craftsmen, designers and professionals, who are dedicated to reviving the legacy of the age-old handcraft of making copper (Tambat) vessels.

Did you know that Tambat Ali, the clan of metal working artisans migrated to Pune in the 17th century? This feature is all about some beautiful finds laced with some ancestral wisdom.

Coppre aims to contemporize copper’s therapeutic attributes into usable everyday objects. And they do this by introducing modern designs and contemporary look. But its not only the metal muse that is being reinforced, its also a new light and new hope being shown out to the craftsmen and their families. When you make a purchase from their website – every inch of which is stocked with elegance – you are ensuring better vision and better livelihood to these artisans.

You can take your pick from the carafes and glasses inspired from the traditional shapes of kalshi, lota, peep and handa. The hand beaten collection promises not only to lend a subtle illumination to your dining table or your bedside but also to enhance your well being.

The website is very user friendly. To ensure better shelf life and maintenance of your purchase, do refer to their guidelines mentioned in the ‘product care’ section of the website.

Deep-rooted wisdom passed down from generations to generations… shop some here!

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