The Tour of Gram Udyan is Not Over Yet!

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Remember how we took you on a tour of Gram Udyan last week? We are sure you loved this hidden gem in Pashan and the life-like art installations there. Well, that was not the end of it! One might think that a village is a tiny settlement with hardly anything that can contain the time and attention of one for too long. Come to Gram Sanskruti Udyan in Pashan and you will know how buzzing with activity a village can be. A Village Bazaar is one such indispensible part of the village. Buzzing with commercial activity, leisure activities and people on both sides, the buyers and the sellers.

A separate area entirely dedicated for this buzzing marketplace, it aptly captures all the elements of the commercial activities that a village economy sustains on. Some lesser-known activities and elements might leave you rather amused. A celebration of the festival of Dasra shows you how these markets also become an important place to gather for all during festive times. An arena displaying a goat-fight signifies a favourite sport of the village. Without a doubt, it also includes a wrestling ‘Akhada’ made of fine red soil.

Some unusual activities we saw were that of a man who earns his living by cleaning others’ ears. Quite a profession needing delicacy and precision. If you observe closely, the joy on the face of the equally quirky customer knows no bounds. We are sure you have heard of the Biosope Cinemawala from the olden times. He too finds a place in this market vowing to entertain shoppers with his short-reeled films playing in the bioscope. The fun of watching these films into a box through a peep-hole is something else and truly nostalgic. An ode to one of the first technologies of film viewing. Not just that, there is also a large life-size illustration of a ‘Tamasha Phad,’ a stage where the traditional art form of Lavani is performed by beautiful and talented women.

Then expect to witness all the links in the market chain who sell something of value to all. Kolin or fisherwomen supply fresh local fish to the villagers which is an important part of their diet. From food to essentials to toys. See Grocers, Toy seller, Vegetable vendors of different kinds, a Watermelon seller, Fresh Jaggery seller, Bhutta seller, Chana-Murmura seller, Kite seller, Sari seller, Gajra seller and many more.

How can a village be complete without farms and fields where the farmers toil all day to feed us? Witness an illustration of a farm where farmers and their families are seen ploughing the fields. A pair of bullocks who help with the ploughing are the most important asset to a poor from the village.

The tour ends with a well reservoir which supplies water to the entire village. The significance of the well is even more as it is also deemed as a place to socialise. Women love to get their fix of gossip or share their pain and happiness with their female friends here. With the well’s rather difficult mechanism, pulling a pail of water from it is a task in itself and known to each and every one at the village.

Gram Udyan is one of the most beautiful gardens that Pune has ever seen. Gain insights into the rustic and rural ways of life, here in your very own city. An entry fee of Rs. 50 for adults and Rs. 30 for children is chargeable to enjoy this one-of-a-kind garden and open museum.

Timings: 10 AM to 9 PM

Address: Near Someshwar Wadi Temple, Pashan, Pune.

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