The Yellow Dragonfly - Beautiful Objects with a Utilitarian Value

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Here’s a venture offering the most beautiful home décor objects with a utilitarian value. The Yellow Dragonfly boasts of a collection of kitchen clocks, serving trays, coasters, kitchen art and aprons that are nothing like what we’ve seen before. It’s the kind of extra-ordinary products one can use and appreciate every day!

The introductory range includes a very unique take on ordinary products…kitchen clocks, serving trays, coasters, kitchen art and aprons. Wine and cheese lovers will appreciate their coasters, clocks and kitchen frames. There are bright colourful chai kettles converted into clocks and hanging lights. There is a concurrent use of tongue in cheek food quotes and decoupage with block prints. There is also a conscious effort to stay away from pulchritude. So nothing out-rightly just "pretty", quirky and unconventional is the leitmotif. No to a butterfly, but a yellow dragonfly? Oh, yes!

The Yellow Dragonfly is the brainchild of Mugdha Martin and Lisa Pingale, both creative restless souls who thrive on an abstract idea taking form into a concrete realization. This venture is their attempt to create beautiful objects with a utilitarian value. They both agree that there is only so much place in people's houses (and depth in their pockets!) for decorative art. But if this art was on an everyday object that one can use, like a handbag or a tray, then it becomes something that one most definitely enjoys using…

The duo has tons of other quirky ideas up their sleeve. Bags, laptop sleeves, boxes, lights, the list goes on. Watch this space for more but until then don’t forget to get your hands on some awesomeness.

Contact: 09665050464


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