Top 4 Co-Working Spaces in Pune

Are you a part of a startup? A Freelancer? Or simply someone who can't work from a drab space?
We all know working out of coffee shops and having meetings in crowded public spaces is a thing of the past. Tending to all your woes; inspiring creativity and collaboration, CityShor brings forth a list of the 4 BEST CO-WORKING SPACES in the city, that offer the perfect balance between formal and informal, in a fun environment for you to work from.

THE MESH | Contact: 9923211122
Address: Koregaon Park, S.B. Road and Baner.

With 4 Branches across the city, THE MESH is a revolutionary infrastructure for co-working. A desk. Fast fast faaast Wi-Fi. A conference room. An event space for mind nourishing and enriching programs and workshops constantly in session. Printer, scanner, the works. A band of like-minded co-workers, from various fields, for conversations, collaborations and a lot more. Aaand regular puppy love!

24 Hours Access | Fast Internet | Virtual Office | Pantry (Tea Coffee) | Free Parking | Print / Scan / Copy | Meeting room Access

THE DAFTAR | Contact: 8552064640
Address: Baner Road and Baner-Pashan Link Road.

Present in city at 2 locations; The DAFTAR is a COWORKING SPACE designed and built for you to work in a growth-ready environment, a place where you get the opportunity to Collaborate, Create and grow together with like-minded coworkers.
It is a meaningful contribution towards the Start-up Ecosystem that provides a Kick-ass combination of a Great, Lively WorkSpace and a Community of Coworkers, Mentors & Advisors where learning & sharing never ends.

Air Conditioned Space | Wi-Fi Internet | Conference Room | Training Room | Printer | Tea & Coffee | Kitchen | Power Backup | Recreation Zone | Concierge Services

EKATTHA | Contact: 9922490501
Address: 11/B, 3rd floor, above Reebok Showroom, near Parihar Chowk, Aundh.

If you harbour the aspiration of making art for a living. A space that is stimulating and inspiring is just what you need. And you need not look further as EKATTHA offers a co-working space dedicated especially for the creative enthusiasts.
It is basically an ecosystem of all types of creative enthusiasts, freelancers, entrepreneurs and start-ups. It started with the motto where being with like-minded people will help boost creativity and business; a place to let your creative juices flow, network and contribute to your own masterpiece one day at a time!

Free Wifi | Printers | Books, Audio/Video & Games Library | Access to events | Strategy Mentorship | Expert Talks | Studio for workshops | Private Meeting Room | Recreation Area | Open Air Garden Terrace

COLAB | Contact: 9850043210
Address: 1, Friends Paradise, opp Vijaya Bank, Shirole Road.

Laboratories have always been extremely productive places. Edison’s Menlo Park Lab, Madam Curie’s Lab at the Latin Quarter and Dexter’s backyard Lab have all played huge roles in changing the world as we know it today. COLab is the place for the 21st century worker. COLAB is for people who are disrupting the status quo, making a difference, improving lives and making the world a better place.

COLAB exists to help their members make a life and a living on their own terms. Coffee shops are crowded, living rooms are lazy, and business centres have no soul. They provide the infrastructure, community connectivity and anything else you need so you can do your best work possible. It is that simple.
They are the Alfred to your Batman, the JARVIS to your Ironman. You get the point.

Coffee, Tea & Pantry | Fast, reliable Internet | Unique exciting Events | Prints, Copies & Scanning | Food | Conference Room | Recreational Areas

While one may be skeptical believing the notion that a co-working space kills your privacy; rather, it helps you in providing the opportunity to network.
With a simple motto of thriving success for their clients; all the places indeed pull together all stops to ensure you achieve the same. Cheers.

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