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If you love cafés as much as we do and want to chill beyond the usual CCD,Barista and starbucks,here’s a list of the most unique and offbeat concept cafes in the city!Whether you’re scouting for a new place for a cozy date or want to relax with a hot cup of coffee,these 5 concept cafés are sure to become one of your favourite hangout spots!

1) ManMauji Café:
This unique café in Viman nagar is every art-lover,artist & free-spirited soul’s haven! Hammocks, board games, books, a room where you can unleash your creativity by painting the walls,ManMauji café is the ideal place to read,write,interact or just unwind!Sip on their Ginger Tea or walk-in for one of their bookdates and you are sure to feel pure bliss,delight and happiness!

2)Leafy Trails:
Nestled amongst green trees & serene surroundings,the quaint lil café - Leafy Trails -A Hangout place is Colorful,carefree and artsy!This beautiful creative book café has upcycled decorcomplete with beautiful dreamcatchers,lampshades,vinyl records,lovely photographs,quirky seating arrangements and simple,comfort food!
With workshops,pop-ups and more happening at this interesting cozy concept cafe,reconnect with yourself or chill with friends all day at this mini-retreat place!…/bibliophiles-have-a-new-haven-in…/

3)Music Café:
Leave all your woes outside,unwind,relax and connect with yourself at Music Café where you can choose from a vast menu of Indian musical pieces that soothe the soul.Provided with a headset to experience this bliss,one is also given food & beverages that provide a therapeutic experience through a holistic approach at this musical haven!
With the option of sitting in an outdoor natural space or a personalized indoor room,the Music Café also conducts counselling ,provides space for musicians to practice and allows small gatherings and events in the premises!…/experience-the-magic-of-music--t…/

4)Café Twos & Fours:
Drive with your pet, get off the hustle and bustle of Baner Road, enter Café Twos and Fours, plomp yourself comfy on a seat sipping on a cool drink or coffee; and when you are ready, let your pet run wild and free over a game of fetch on the lawn! Choose delicacies from a special Pet Menu and let your oh-so-adorable pets not limit themselves to just treats! This is undoubtedly Pune’s truest pet friendly café! A must-visit for pet owners and pet lovers alike!…/cafe-twos-and-fours-punes-truest…/

5)Vasatea Café:
Imagine you are sipping on a hot cup of tea and looking out the glass wall on a rainy day as you cozy up in a contemporary Victorian style chair. This exquisite experience is well within your reach now. Head down to Vasatea Café, where a rare concept of Health Café + Home Décor comes alive. Overlooking a lush green garden, it is the perfect place to spend those laidback evenings with friends and family.…/vasatea-cafe-at-vasati-for-tea-c…/

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