Vegetarianism made fun by The Greens.

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           Ah! The big sigh of relief you feel after glancing at the menu of The Greens opened at FC road. With its warm interiors the Greens restaurant is welcoming and a perfect mix of homeliness and hospitality. The menu surprises you with veg food option each one of which you will want to order. With their varied cuisine options The Greens has ensured it caters to multiple taste pallets.

              Not only do they have a lot of choices in food but also the dishes mentioned are new and experimental. Bringing a new freshness to the modern world of fusion food this restaurant is setting its own standards. Beginning with the starters they have mixed and used our favorite paneer and vegetables in new scrumptious ways. First mention to the chana chilly which is very soon becoming the hottest dish there. Our beloved Indian-Chinese  flavors tossed with chana will pamper your taste buds and also take care of your health. The crunchy cut vegetables give the dish the edge while the semi soft channa provide a perfect base for it. So ditch those fried starters because the chana chilly will be perfect the start to your meal.

                The greens next give their own take on our usual Veg Spring rolls with their Dragon rolls. These dragon rolls are a food lover’s paradise. With a super crispy crust outside and a generous amount of filling inside, these rolls ought to leave you with a smile. The filling inside is made with their homemade Schezwan, which is thoughtfully spiced used. The outside crust deserves its own appreciation with its crackling noise and saltiness it will take away all your stress blues. When talking about we can never forget our most versatile ingredient. Keeping the love Paneer alive the greens have taken our taste buds for a ride with the green Paneer tikka. Prepared with a healthy marinade the Paneer is cooked to create the crispy edge with the immensely soft centers. The cream on top with the after taste of the tandoor cooked flavor will force you to pick another one. 
       The Greens have introduced us to a fresh new companion for all of our food the Papad Churi. Crispy Papad tossed with ghee and finely cut vegetables is something to munch on from the beginning to the end of your meal. It's mild flavors act as a catalyst and enhance the taste of everything you might order. 
        The surprises don't end here, going into the second course meals the Schezwan kulcha is something to look forward to. The soft and subtle nature of the kulcha is given a new twist with a kick of Schezwan inside its core. The soft and spicy nature of the dish is very comforting and fits in with any gravy you fancy. In the gravies a must try is the kebab masala, which is a fusion of our Hara Bhara kebabs mixed with a soft gravy. If you're a fan if Indian food or not this gravy will definitely will make your fall in love with its flavors. Finishing the meal with their Peshawari biryani will leave you in owe of this place with a satisfied appetite. With the earthy flavors from the spices and the tangy masala centers the biryani is a treat for rice lovers.
              The Greens finish off the meal in style with their super fruity desserts they have carefully picked. If you are a meat lover the greens give you a brilliant change from the usual meat dishes. Breaking the norms of vegetarian food being boring and monotonous the greens is only making it easier for us to try new food. Whether it's a family dinner or a friend's gathering, a birthday party or a romantic date! good food is imperative and is the priority at the  greens.

Address: Nirankar Apartment, Opposite Cello Platina, FC Road, Pune

Contact: 02030665470

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