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We all know that hanging beautiful paintings on the wall is a great way to make your house look attractive. What if we tell you that NOW you also get to change paintings of your home every month at as less as Rs. 67/- to Rs. 125/- a month. Shocked? Rather surprised. To add to your shock, you don’t even have to worry about logistics part; they manage it on your behalf. They deliver the new painting every month at your doorstep!! Moreover, you also get to choose from different colour scheme like white, maroon, black and the traditional colour brown… basically you can pick up a colour depending on your interiors.
A breakthrough from the usual purchasing of paintings is the appealing concept of a Warli painting LIBRARY. CityShor Pune considers it as a must visit place.

To let you know more about the kind of paintings they have… Well, Mugdh Arts has brought the fascinating art of Warli culture into everyday life of the people by using them in diverse contexts. Every painting is a still from an everyday life or festivals such a holi or just a hunting expedition. Drawing in the painting depicts some important aspect of their tribe and the beliefs such as sun, moon, musical instruments and the dances. The dancers are one of the MOST beautiful aspects in the paintings. The symmetrical design of them dancing is impeccable. The modern art contains details of the 21st century lifestyle as well. For instances a beach restaurant, kids in a play garden etc.

The artists, Mr. & Mrs. Kane, are a couple who had this idea for a few months till they finally gathered the resources and introduced this amazing and convenient option to the people

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