We Found “Shadu Clay” Ganpati idols with Natural Colors

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Book your Eco-friendly Ganpati in all sizes and shapes at 'The Sustainable Era' now. 

For Bookings and other details 9970187512


Ganpati idols made from shadu clay is something that our schools have been trying to promote since ages together. But today, it is a way of life and each one of us should give their best in keeping the nature well this season festive season. 


The Sustainable Era is a label that takes your bookings for Shadu Clay Ganpati idols based on your height, width, size and other requirements and provides you with pure and natural ganpati that is coloured with natural colours using Geru and Turmeric for basic colour requirements. 


The Sustainable Era has a hassle free process for your bookings;

Get a PDF of the different Ganpati sizes and rates for the same - Book your Ganpati - Do an online payment for the same - Pick up your Ganpati a day before from your nearby convenient location specified by the label. 


Shruti Kulkarni, the owner of The Sustainable Era, believes that we as humans need to contribute with the minimum wastage possible and hence focuses purely on all the sustainable goods and products with her label. 


Book your Ganpati made with Shadu clay (mati) and spread the happiness and festivities with Mother Earth too!  


Bookings and location details | 9970187512

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