We found the only place in town that serves Tajine

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We found the only place in town that serves Tajine!

Prabhat road gets its Italy, Greece, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey and what not! Well, we are talking about the newest restaurant named Olive. Wheat. Grape. Three words that define Mediterranean. We can’t help cos we are in awe of it’s food and the open kitchen concept, so we are going to go all gaga about it. The foodie inside you will understand! The chef Kapil Moghe has poured his heart in the menu this kitchen serves and we must say that their food is one of the best in the city!

We sampled a few dishes at the restaurant and were totally impressed by the flavours, textures and the freshness of the food coming in from their open kitchen. Here are the highlights for those looking for more details;

1: Hummus with fresh Pita- Fresh means fresh, straight out of the oven Pitas with warm & soft hummus. Period.

2: Chicken & Pineapple- Grilled & a bit charred with the spicy hints of harissa. Look out for the sweet spicy pineapples!

3: Prawns & Lemon Soup: THE thing for this monsoon. Right amount of pepper & lemon, and abundant butter & prawns. A total hit it is.

4: Ravioli of Spinach & Ricotta: Housemade fresh pasta with the classic recipe that got it all right. All marks!

5: Meatball Pizza: It’s a MUST. Don’t Miss! Again straight from the oven.

6: Lemon & Chicken Tajine: THE only place in Pune serving this Moroccan delicacy. It’s a meal in a pot with steamed Couscous, chicpeas, potatoes & chicken. All cooked in one earthen pot. Make a special trip for this.

7: Omali & Drunken Fruits Ice Cream: Omali is an Egyptian dessert and looks like a mess, but you’d be a fool if you don’t dig in. Talking about ice cream, the fruits in it are drunk, get it?

A highly recommended dining experience in town. DO NOT MISS if you call yourself a foodie!

Address: 6/B/97, Suvarnrekha Boulevard, Prabhat Road, Erandwane, Pune Contact: 7767030003, 7709936468

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