35+ Never Eaten Before Egg Dishes at this All New Eatery!

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Yes! I just visited MOE. Oh, let me abbreviate that for you. Presenting to you – MINISTRY OF EGGS, the all new egg eatery in the city which is all set to beat the stereotypes of the egg based dishes, oh, yes!
MOE is the brain child of Nishant Dhamannwalla, a determined young entrepreneur who in all accounts is riding the game changing wave. A must visit zany place in the V.R. Mall Food court, MOE, offers everything that an egg lover could ask for and even not imagine at all!
Without much ado, let me share with you the experience at MOE. It is all about enjoying the scrumptious egg preparations knowing that the required hygiene standards are met along with boasting of a menu of flavor bombs.
Egg preparations have been dominated by the road side hawkers in Surat for quite a few decades now. The special egg eateries had sprung up challenging this course but seldom do they survive. It all trickles down to one basic thing that is an all-time concern of a customer – Quality Food.
MOE unfailingly stands by a foundation rule of serving Quality Food. The ingredients are the heroes and they are taken care of irrespective of geographical limitations. They ground their own spices which assure a uniform flavor of a dish across the timeline. Thus, flavors and purity of their cooking reign at MOE. The menu comprises of 35 egg preparations. 
Signature dishes which are a must try:
Egg Paaplet – No it isn’t a Fish! It is a fluffy spiced omelet with stuffed tomato and onion based gravy and garnished with green veggies and oodles of cheese. Yum!
Parsi Akuri on thick buttered Toast – Head start with this perfect blend of sweetness of onions and hotness of chilies immersing in this particular egg preparation served with buttered toasts.
Egg Lahori - A composition of boiled eggs, home grounded spices, veggies and green garlic and cheese. The result is a delicious silken gravy you wouldn’t get enough of.
Australian Fry – A sunny side up topped with a delectable gravy made of boiled eggs and veggies.
Lasan Fry – A true treat for the green garlic fans! Sunny side up topped up with oodles of yummy green garlic gravy.
Majority of the items are served with soft pavs that are a surti speciality in themselves. Take your taste buds on a cruise with their other notable preparations like Egg Vada Pav, Egg Lasan Kachu, Salli Par Edu, Egg Kejriwal and more !!!
For the egg lovers who are fans of classic preparations also have Egg Rolls and French Toast Sandwiches to select from. 
So, go for it! You will find something for everyone at MOE.
Address: Ministry Of Eggs, 3rd floor, Foodbox, VR Surat, Dumas Road
Surat, India 395007
Contact: 096870 87777
Author and Picture: Vaishnavi A. Patel
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