5 things you probably didn’t know about surat!

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Surtis are known for their carefree attitude, fondness towards food and rich cultural heritage! But, there’s a lot more to know about Surat than us average Surtis know about. Our city Surat is more than 500 years old, it was a city before Bombay and New Delhi and Madras and Calcutta and Bangalore existed. People from all religions, casts and nationality have come and stayed in this city making its history and cultural heritage even more diverse!

Surat has seen eventual rises and falls throughout the history and it still, stands still as one of the world’s fastest growing city! Thus, as true blue Surtis it’s our duty to embrace our past as we carry our victory march ahead towards the future! Because today’s headlines are tomorrows history lessons and in the same way yesterdays’ incidents will become tomorrow’s guidelines. So, let’s learn about 5 amazing facts from history that you probably didn’t know about our precious city Surat.

  1. First Indian adaptation of Shakespeare was performed in Surat.
    Surat is famous for its diamond business around the world, but during the early 17th century with the arrival of the British, the Parsi community residing in Surat, came to know about the precious gem of western literature, called William Shakespeare. Inspired by the great dramatist’s play they decided to translate and perform one of his plays in Parsi-Gujarati, thus they gave birth to the first Shakespearean theatre of Gujarat, and the very first Indian adaptation of the great Shakespearean drama! The first play was called “Nathari Firang thekaane aavi” which was the adaptation of Shakespeare’s play “Taming of the shrew”!
  2.  Leo Tolstoy wrote about Surat
    the Great Russian writer, and one of the greatest authors of all time Leo Tolstoy had written a short story called “The Coffee-House of Surat”, in which people sharing different faiths debate on which religion serves the true God! Surat was selected to be the premises where the story develops only because Surat was such a busy port back in the day, thus finding people from different nationality, and belief systems was a very normal find in Surat back in the time.
  3.  Conqueror of Europe Genghis Khan had visited Surat:
    Yes, sir history’s one of the most vicious war-general and the conqueror of the entire Europe had also set his leeching eyes on the prosperous Surat-port! As an invasion carried from Himalayan side of India would have been impossible due to extreme weather conditions, scarce resources and the advantage that local enemies would have against his large army! In 1559-60 A.D did arrive at the Surat port, but thanks to the Portuguese governors, the then rulers of Surat, averted the threat of invasion by talking him out of it (miraculously!).
  4. Surat had banks, a hundred years before the inception Reserve bank of India.
    Surtis have always been known to be the big earners and successful business people. But, did you know we were also smart investors, Surat’s first bank was established in the year 1864 by Shree Premchand Raichand, which was called the “Bank of Surat”, and second one was found the year later in 1865 known as “The Bank of Gujarat”. Which was almost a hundred years before the inception of the reserve bank of India in 1947.
  5. Surat’s unsung Parsi hero: Sir Ferdunji Sorabji Parekh
    Surat might not be the biggest city of India, but it surely has the biggest heart, as it is historically known to be the home of people from almost every community of India, the city loved it’s citizen regardless of their colour, cast or religion and the citizens loved it back! As Sir Ferdunji Sorabji Parekh a Parsi gentleman who donated the large sum of Rs.46,000/- (about Rs.2,500 million at today's price) in the year 1915 to the Government of Surat for development of educational and cultural activities in Surat. Which gives us all the more reasons to love our Parsi brethrens!

How many of these facts did you already know? Let us know in the comment section below.


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