Andrews Library: the testimony of Surat's legacy

Libraries are like home for bibliophiles and they store the treasure of knowledge which is totally indispensable. Surat has been gifted with quite a few libraries, but the oldest of them all stands tall in the heart of the city: Andrews Library. Established in the year of 1850, it was co-founded by Mr. Rao Bahadur Naginchand Jhaveri, who was a rich merchant of pearl and it was named after the then retired magistrate Mr. Andrews. Andrews Library is a home of some rare books of history, culture, art, and even helps students with the books related to their respective careers.

Just like its historic legacy, the architecture of Andrews Library is mesmerizing as well. When you pass by this legendary building, you get that cool historical vibe. So, shutterbugs if you happen to be in Surat, then go for a heritage walk one day and make sure to capture Andrews Library!

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