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When you visit a palace and adore those fancy metal artefacts kept around with intricate carvings and detailed designs, you feel mesmerised. Smaller things together make a bigger difference. Those articles talk a lot about the culture of those times. Metals came quite early in our timeline, but the Harrapans were the first ones to use them for artefacts purpose making beautiful jewellery and home decor products. Till today we try to bring the most out of it to create newer things for the new era.

The name itself defines Indian Art situated on Udhna Magdalla Road. It is a place where all the variety of home decor pieces you would want for your habitable space to make it more attractive can be procured. They capture a whole lot of articles you would be surprised to see. Their idea revolves around creation of products with metal (mainly brass) as their main material and they cover a huge range of variety. One can find various types of artefacts including the Hindu Gods, the fancy abstract art pieces, animals etc. They do not limit themselves to their wide range of products but they make sure that the piece is light in weight for their users.

The products range from customised swings in metal chains to small size art pieces. The innumerable items include wall clock, light diyas, metal casted animals and Gods, antique pieces, chandeliers, miniatures of vehicles, wall hangings, vases, pots, coffee table, chairs,etc. The product has a reasonably good finishing and outcome. The metal casted Buddha with stone embellishment is in itself the most eye catching item on the list. The Bull and Lord Ganesha has those intricate details with utmost precision and clarity you cannot miss to notice.

 If you have love for those metal finished products with shine and colour complementing your furniture, in your workspace or house, then Indian Art is arguably the best in town. The best part is the variety of items it displays for all kinds of choices. This place will surely hit chords with Art lovers and Interior designers.

Address : The Indian Art -G-24, Surya Plaza, Udhna-Magdalla Road Nr. Bhatar Char Rasta
Contact. - 9428157264

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