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That fresh aroma of bakes, soothing sight of jar desserts and an incredibly inviting flavour of some unique desserts - make you feel weak in knees, especially when they are made specially for you by Bake my day!

With the mantra to bake the best for any celebration that you have on your mind like birthdays, engagements, baby showers, weddings et al, Swati Gupta, the Chief Baking Officer at Bake my Day, crafts magic with her superlative baking skills. Right from using the most authentic ingredients and condiments available around, the desserts of Bake my Day, taste absolutely homely, satiating and incredibly ambrosial. Her forte are brookies and blonde that you might not get as good anywhere in the city!

Want to know what #CityShorReccomends at Bake my Day? Well, let's not keep you waiting!

Strawberry Shots: Finely layered with cream, cake crumbs and that gentle topping of diced strawberries. Oh, the strawberry shots taste so good that you might gobble it up entirely in just one go!

Crunchy Hazelnut Jar: Completely true to its name, Crunchy Hazelnut Jar brings the motley of nutella, flavoured chocolate cream and oozes of crumbs tossed with heaps of garnishings, makes it an unmissable treat. And you would believe it the minute to devour this delight!

Caramel Jar: Caramel Fan, anyone? Don't miss Bake my Day's Caramel Jar at any cost then! Completely loaded with dollops of caramel, this dessert will transport you to an another world without a doubt!

Berry Nut Brookies: One of the most promising desserts on their menu, Berry Nut Brookies are soft, crunchy, crumbly treats that you would definitely fall in love with right from the first bite!

Almond Blonde: Extravaganza of almond, Almond Blonde rejuvenates your taste buds with its quintessential flavour and uber soothing texture. Indulge yourselves with Almond Blonde and your favourite beverage and you are sure to remember us later!

Banana Walnut Dry Cake and Lemon Loaf Cake:

Generously filled with the goodness of bananas and the refined taste of Walnuts, you surely need to call dibs on Banana Walnut Dry Cake and even on Lemon Loaf Cake if you are looking forward to relish something homely yet different!

Having shared all our recommendations with you, make sure you buzz the lady soon to book the most yummiest desserts for any occasion that you have on your mind, okay?

Contact: 09998212237

Photography by: Bhagyashri V Thakur

Written by: Mohita Adhvaryu

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