Beautify Your Homes with these Decor Brands - Part 2

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We believe that every home speaks about its owner, his/her personality out loud. The way you decorate your home, arrange things, ideate its interiors reveals stories and increase the warmth of your home. On the lines of our first feature, today, we present, yet another compilation of decor brands/artists in Surat who would help you to make your home look more artsy, vivacious but most of all comforting. Have a look:

Pushpa Dhaani:

Pushpa Dhaani, holds a large collection of plant-pots made from metal, china-glass and soon they’ll be releasing their Terracotta collection! Coming in all sizes and shapes small, medium and large! The metal pots could be used either on the ground or it could be hung on your balcony fences, this is an amazing innovation as now you could have multiple plantation on your window fences, which is really very less space consuming! You could plant sapling for kitchen garden, you could plant flowers or even, crawlers and creepers and make your abode more beautiful.

Contact: 9879001777

Zaveri Antiques:

Situated in Gopipura, this two-storied shop is less known to the local crowd, but once found it would make you want to go back. The admirable jewelry boxes, the wooden furniture, the old vintage cameras and toys and the old painted plates, everything about this place makes you want to visit it again and again. This shop is exactly where your passion about antiquity is matched with your expectations. Antiques as old as 90 years take you back in time and you aren’t ever tired of looking at them. Visit them if you want antiques for your home.

Address: 10/1550 Gopipura Oswal Moholo ,Near Juni Adalat, Subash-chowk Surat

Every home has a personality, and the way you decorate it speaks a lot about yourself as well as about your home, some might prefer keeping the décor minimalistic, but some artistic souls, would take the efforts to visit a painting gallery, choose the painting that speaks for them and elevates the ambience of their home. Yellow from the ray of sun, to red from the petals of roses. Grey from the Smokey dusk, to the orange from the Crimson dawn. Homebell.Com has taken up all the colors of the palette to bring forward the best painting to you. Also, the resin wall hangings and hand paintings are stunning and will keep you glued. Get them for your home, right away!

Address: 22B, Seema Row House, Agricultural University Road, Ghod Dod Road
Contact: 9687422233

Sculpt Sutra by Abhijit Pariyal

Meticulously sculpted using the most precise measurements, the scale models created by Abhijit has a huge fan following in the abroad and even in the metropolitans of India. These scale models not only look magnificent but they speak about your personality in general when you showcase them in your home or office. 

Contact: 9824065546

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