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Bearing clouds travel for miles,
just to give the leaves a drop of surprise,
and then the nature smiles,
and then the nature smiles.

Nature has this power to make one smile without any reason, the beautiful flowers, leaves and tweaks always makes one think that “it’d have been beautiful, if I had these plants at my home!”, but then inadequate space due to the lack of gallery or a backyard actively rejects one’s desires, but not anymore! You could have this gift of nature in your flat or house, that too without giving up-on extra space or without having to spend loads of money. Your dream of decorating your house with nature will be fulfilled, only with Pushpa-dhanii.

We have all visit beautiful and well maintained gardens mainly in some luxurious hotel’s front yard or in your wealthy friend or relative’s backyard! The beauty of nature and the skillful setting of the manmade miniature landscapes always fascinates us, but even then the plant pots are all the same, brown, made of clay and deprived of any sort of aesthetic quality, and then again bringing these heavy clay pots in your small house is really pretty much uncomfortable and space consuming! This problem was faced by then bank employee and gardening enthusiast and now founder of Pushpa-dhanii, MRS. NIYANTA DESAI.

Living in a flat made her work in a direction where she could sustain her love for nature that too without consuming too much space in the process. After, a long research she successfully found an expensive, “hanging metal plant-pot” which had dull colours and was really expensive! To be exact it costed her around 700 rupees to, buy such a simple product! That’s when she realized that she won’t just adopt this concept but would also improvise on it!

Today pushpa-dhanii, holds a large collection of plant-pots made from metal, china-glass and soon they’ll be releasing their Terracotta collection! Coming in all sizes and shapes small, medium and large! The metal pots could be used either on the ground or it could be hung on your balcony fences, this is an amazing innovation as now you could have multiple plantation on your window fences, which is really very less space consuming! You could plant sapling for kitchen garden, you could plant flowers or even, crawlers and creepers, with the added dimension of height, plantation possibilities are only limited to one’s imagination!

Hanging pots:
The metal pots are attractive and colourful, having simple yet elegant design like polka dots, or repetitive floral patterns! In fact they are so pretty that lots of customers use it as a gift deliverer for gifts like bouquets, chocolates or clothes! It feels beautiful as if the nature is present in gift box.

Standing pots:
This noble variety is available mainly in Terracotta and china-glass, the beautiful craft and innovation of shapes makes it look more like a home décor artefact rather than a plantation pot, and it has unique designs of different birds, animal and amphibians. It also has cute little pots in shape of shoes and jute bags. This marvel, enhances the look of your out-door garden and even you in home décor.

Metal pot-holders:
These pot holders are to further enhance the look of your plantations the standing varieties such as the cycle stand, doesn’t just make you garden look beautiful it makes it easier for you to maintain and move the pots, the beautiful metal frame of hanging  bird-cage shaped pot holder, gives a pretty amazing looks when the plantation naturally crawls out surrounding the small yet strong steel wires, makes you wonder how the little saplings fly out the  man-made cage using it’s leaves as wings!

The aesthetics and lower space consumption are suitably backed up with the budget friendly prices, the amount that Mrs Desai and spent on the most basic design of hanging pot, which was 700 rupees now stands as the ceiling price of her products, you could shop at Pushpa-Dhanii starting from 150rs! THAT’S IT! Now, following your passion towards the aesthetic plantation of nature will be finally fulfilled at your convenient prices!

Decorate your home with nature! You could do it yourself or you could call Mrs. Desai directly, as she also does balcony and window-sill make overs. Pushpa-Dhanii also provides services like personalise gift-plants for weddings, house warming and birthdays! So buy a piece of nature, gift it or keep it, but be as close to the nature as possible, because nature does make you a happier person.

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