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Sandwich lovers hold you breath while we introduce you to HOMEWICH- The sandwich parlor. At Homewich they provide you with 25 types of off-the-wall sandwiches. 
The sandwich is the greatest culinary invention of all time. Bread? Excellent. Veggies? Also great. Cheese? Stellar. Condiments? Fantastic. Portable? Hell yes. So one of these well-made babies is a taste to behold.

Homewich brings to you, Bombay vadas in a whole new manner; they have a special vada sandwich, with vada grilled between bread slices making it a marvel to behold. So if you have ever been to Mumbai and if the taste of the Bombay vadapav tingles your tongue and you desperately want to go have it. So now you know where to go. 

But who said sandwich is only two bread slices and veggies in between? Going ahead we tried the aloo cheese roll ups. What amazed us was the exquisite manner, in which it was served, the bread thinned and rolled with aaloo and cheese, perfectly mingling with each other.

Picking just one of the masterpieces at this sandwich shop is no easy task, since every massive mound of bread, cutlet, veggies, and cheese here is nothing short of a national treasure, the Chilled Choco Nuts sandwich is a must order.
Don't reread, its exactly what you read, CHILLED sandwich!!! Chocolate and nut Ice cream sandwiched between frozen breads is everything you could desire.

But really, order any one of the sandwiches on Homewich's list and you're in for a goddamn treat. For some cheesy orgasms go in for the cheese blast pizza sandwich, expect your inner organs to explode with cheese, just like the name promises.

BURP! Too much of sandwich? Need something to help you digest all the bread and cheese? Why go somewhere else? Homewich is not just a sandwich parlor but also a soda pub and is serving you with some electrifying, refreshing soda flavor’s to savor. 

Still reading? Walk out and go to their not so huge sandwich parlor with minimal interiors or just too lazy to move? Then call and order NOW!

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