Book An Entire Island For Your Next Holiday/Birthday!

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Move over DJ Halls or Villa parties, this is next level! You can book an entire private island for yourself at God's own country- Kerela! 

Kerela apart from being one of the most beautiful places in India has a bunch of private islands each with its own speciality and scenic view. You can book one for yourself too. 

Oye Happy is a game-changing website when it comes to gifts. From experiential gifts like booking a private jet to having strangers wish your friend on their birthday, it offers a unique range of gifts that will make you stand out from the crowd. 

Located in Kollam, Kerala, this quant island is a haven for those who truly believe in living a king-sized life.Watch the beautiful sunset from the houseboat, enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner in the midst of nature, star gaze into the clear sky, go kayaking in the river, fish with the locals, pluck the fresh produce of the day from the organic farm and spend the night in a luxurious wooden farmhouse.

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