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Attributes: Furniture, Decor, Lightings and Fans, Kitchen and Dining, Outdoor/Gardening, Cupboard, Kids, Sofa & Stool, Storage, Tables, Others, Upholstery & Carpets, Ceiling Hangings, Clocks, Cushion & Throws, Decor Pieces, Others, Lighting & Lamps, Fans, Indoor Plants, Collectibles/Aretfacts

If you are looking for a refreshing take on designing and architecture, Studio of Creative Chaos - SOCC are the people to go to. Chaos Theory states that small alterations can give rise to strikingly great consequences, which is a firm belief of the founders of  SoCC and they leave no stone unturned to stand out and create something awe inspiring.

Experimentation, risk and meeting intelligent people drives Anindita Chaudhary, Founder of Studio of Creative Chaos (SoCC), for her Partner at SoCC, Vishwanath, traveling and food are inspiring. Together this duo are passionate, full of unique ideas and ready to create captivating designs. They constantly look forward for new materials which is not only sustainable but is cost effective as well. 

They work on architecture, interiors and landscape, and specialize in concepts of fractal geometry, parametric, kirigami, origami in architecture and landscape. As evident by the photos, it is a Farmhouse project where in  the attempt was to design a recreational space that had that emotional bonding to nature. They wanted to create a space where people would feel like they are in a farmhouse and not in their apartments or bungalows which is usually the case. 

If you are looking for fresh perspective and experienced hands, Anindita and Vishwanath are always looking forward for some creative chaos.

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