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Bored of the same old, banal dishes that you keep eating every now and then? Are you actually looking forward to trying out some delicious, unusual or new food across Surat? Then, here's our list of recommendations of some of the evolving or newly opened eateries in Surat which would awe you with their offerings and make you their loyal fan for eternity!

Quickly bookmark these places and our suggestions for the same and keep your fingers crossed to get literal goosebumps as soon as your try out their dishes.

World of Desserts:

Our recommendations for World of Desserts: Chocolate Pani Puri, Honey Toast, Snow Ice

World of desserts, as the name suggests, this is the only place in Surat that serves luscious desserts from all around the world, and yes we mean it when we say that. Snow Ice from Taiwan, Belgian waffles, Bubble Tea from Taiwan, Crepe from France and much more. Desserts here inspire you to throw out all the rules—eat with moderation, save the best for last—and give in to sugary bliss, no matter what the time of day.

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN INDIA, for a sweet, fluffy dessert option, add Taiwanese snow ice in your list of "must try", one bowl of this snowy melt in mouth ice cream, and you are sorted. ( also, warning those who have sensitivity, this one is a brain freezer, but delicious! ) And even Honey Toast is a kind of world dessert that you would only find in Surat at this eatery when it comes to India. Do visit them!

Address: Safal Square, Vesu, Surat
Contact: 8758664008

Let's Meet Cafe:   

Our recommendations for Let's Meet Cafe: Maggi Fries, Lemon Garlic Fries, Red Velvet Milkshake

Most of us are big time fans of fast food and especially of the munchies like crispy, succulent french fries or potato wedges! Though many eateries and cafes offer french fries on their menu, only a few have got them right. Often times, if the fries are crisp, the seasonings are not up to mark or they taste just too bland and how about the time when you crave for french fries served with a twist - what are the options then? Well, Surtis, today, we are introducing you to Let's Meet Cafe - an all new eatery which is set to offer the best, the sauciest and the most sizzling varieties of French Fries you have ever eaten in Surat!

Started by Mihir Shah and his friends, who happen to be Engineers by profession but foodies at heart, Let's Meet Cafe looks like a quirky, fun filled eatery where you can unwind, catch over conversations and enjoy 20+ varieties of French Fries and even their one of its kind Red Velvet Milkshake - yes, you heard it right! Head to this cafe right away!

Address: G-30, Safal Square, Opp Jolly Party Plot, Surat, India
Contact: 093283 62562


Our recommendations for Qwiches: Peri Peri Paneer Panini, Veggie Delight Panini, Tangy Club

Already popular in Ahmedabad for their finger-licking, juicy sandwiches, paninis and more, Qwiches has also arrived in Surat now at Samarth Acquisti, New City Light Road for sheer good.  All in all, the food is worth every dime that you spend at Qwiches. With some of the best bread sourced from Ahmedabad being used at this eatery and marvellous ingredients to add on that, you are sure to love what Qwiches has to offer. So, don't waste a minute, rush to Qwiches right away this weekend!

 Address: Samarth Acquisti, New City Light Rd, New City Light, New Tirumala, Althan, Surat
Contact: 094270 23773

Table Talk:

Our recommendations for Table Talk: Amritsari Special, Cheese Chinese Kulcha, Double Cheese Kulcha

With typical tandoor in place, Table Talk has this wonderful Dhaba-like vibe which attracts you with the aroma of freshly baked kulchas and brewing Chole, plus Dal Makhani.Though we all might have relished Kulchas and Chole somewhere or the other in Surat - at Table Talk, Mr. Vinod Sharma also popularly known as Gullu Bhai prepares them in authentic Amritsari Style which literally makes your taste buds sigh with joy! Before we reveal more, why don't you to Table Talk yourselves and check things out?

Address: Near Bhagwati Ashish, right lane from Ashok Pan House, Citylight, Surat
Contact:  070969 72520

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