Crisp, Homely, fresh Pizza and Garlic bread @ K's Charcoal

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We bet you have no clue about K’s Charcoal which serves you Pizza and Garlic Bread so delicious that it can give Dominos a run for money, at cost unimaginable and quality unparalleled.

Many do not know this famous joint of Katargam, but the taste it has to offer is something none of you want to miss.


Started by three family members krushangi, Yogesh and Pankaj, We expected this one to be just like one another Pizzeria in the city, and set our step in the small, well lit, K’s Charcoal. The sitting arrangement had already caught our attentions as they chose huge swings instead of Chairs; with a subtle ambience this place is exactly what you would prefer to go with a small group of friends or family.


Making every dish themselves with recipes self invented, these three people knew they had to make this place more than just a cafe, they wanted this to be like a home away from home, either one of them will welcome you with a wide smile like you are the guests to their house, and with that welcoming smile they would take your order and put in all the efforts to cook you the best they can.


The first two dishes served were the sandwiches cooked by Krushangi and the first bite was super delectable, and the smoked flavor of the sandwich added up to make it more flavors and nummy! 


The second we tried was the two garlic breads, stuffed and exotic, and trust us this is nothing like you have had before. It was hard to believe Yogesh and Pankaj, who aren’t trained chefs, made it, they are just foodies that love to eat and make people eat. The cheesy soft bread had already left us too stunned to miss pizza, but nothing completes a meal like pizza does and abiding to that we agreed to stuff in more food in our already filled bellies.


The Cheese Burst and Peppy Paneer Pizza, was served for our table, fresh from the oven and the freshness in the dough couldn't be matched up to any other Pizzeria in the city. Also the Cheese burst we ate here at a price as low as Rs.100-150 has taste unrivaled and aces it flavors.


Situated in Katargam this might be a place little far, but the distance travelled is done complete justice by the taste and freshness of the food, and also the kind of hospitality given by the three is worth applauding.


Kudos to a newfound joint that will change the reason people visits Katargam now!









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