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Indians have been using jewelry for adornment since centuries. The significance of jewelry in the country is evident from the fact that on many auspicious occasions, jewelry forms a part of gifts. However, it is the Indian women for whom jewelry holds utmost significance.
In India, jewelry is considered auspicious for women, and seeing the change in the way of thinking women have these days, with the urban women, the demand for designs have become more modern and less traditional. And so we introduce you to Ginny, who herself being a modern women, understand exactly what a lady desires to wear, and designs every jewelry personally.
Jewelry has not only been considered for the purpose of adoration, but also as a security in times of contingency. This is because it is often expensive, and so to meet your demands in terms of designs, she keeps in mind both, the modernistic design and also the budget the customer demands.
The graceful form of a woman is said to epitomize the ideal beauty through a piece of jewel adorned by her. Play it chic with designer-ready women's jewelry, Bracelets, rings, necklaces.
The Garnet Square:
It's a fabulous unround ring covered with diamonds. it's unusual shape makes the bling visible from all sides.
Queen's Rosette:
The name says it all. its a bling beauty. a modern design band topped with a diamanté rose. crafted with such a finesse that none overshadows the other. A perfect blend of modern contemporary and vintage.
Her Highness solitaire ring:
Solitaire ring that can't be any more perfect. be it an engagement or a 25th anniversary gift,suits all !!! intentionally Heighted to flaunt the solitaire and placed on a bed of bagguets to let the round Rock stand out.
Bow of elegance:
Something for a pampered Princess. it has what all girls love 'BOW' and 'PINK'. The bow is elegantly placed at the centre top of a moveable circle made of white and pink bagguets n diamonds. Wear it like a brooch or a pendant, suit ur Occassion!!!

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